Patient Information

Patient Information

Choose the tabs below to learn more about appointments, insurance, refills and form requests. Your questions are important to us.

A physician is on call 24 hours a day. Contact Us to schedule an appointment


We have several types of appointments. Each appointment type is designed for any specific need you may have. The well child visits is to assure that the immunization schedule is being followed. The physical exam is to measure child development and milestones and to ensure adults are healthy in their blood labs (to exclude hyperlipidemia and diabetes for example) and to confirm proper bone density to rule out any type of arthritis or joint pain. In our adult physical exams it’s also when we advise our patients to get PAP smears, breast mammograms as well as prostate exams performed for any patients that meet those criteria. The child’s height and weight are important to measure accurate growth development. Our referral appointments are to assure that they are seeing the specialists they need. From orthopedic to psychology we keep our patients monitored both physically and mentally. There may be times when you or your child has a more urgent need to be seen, in which we offer walk-ins appointment any day for these special circumstances. Our recheck appointments are to review labs, x-rays and to make sure we spend time educating our patients. At Family Tree Medical Group we will make sure the appointment fits the need. Cancellations: Please do so at least 24 hours in advance. We would like to offer this time to other patients if you are unable to keep your appointment.


We take most insurances and pride ourselves on the highest quality care. Copayments, coinsurances, deductibles, and any charges for non-insurance covered services must be paid at the time of service. Many insurances require that you choose a primary care physician. We will take care of the referral requests and authorization needed to send any patient to selected specialists. In order to best serve you please make sure we have your most updated insurance information. Our billing department is here to serve you and please feel free to call and ask questions. We know insurance is very difficult to understand and would be more than happy to assist you. Forms are often requested and there are associated fees for the forms. Please ask your front desk receptionist if you have a form request they will be able to assist you.

Prescription Refills, Referrals & Forms

When requesting prescription refills, referrals or forms please allow sufficient time for these requests. Referrals must be registered with your Insurance carrier and can take several days for us to get approval for you. Call us as soon as possible to start processing your referral. Please allow 48 hours notice for prescription refills so that we can review the patient’s chart and assure we are offering the best care. Call us to request a refill of your medication. School, daycare, camp and similar forms take time to review, and to provide all requested information. We routinely complete these forms in 3 to 5 business days. Sports physicals are $25.00. If you have a special form that needs completed please call the location to inquire if there are any charges.

Phone Calls

Your questions and concerns are very important to us. There is NO such thing as too small of a question, and we want you to feel comfortable with all issues regarding your child and family. Our office opens at 8:30 am you may contact us with your questions. Our staff is dedicated to get your answers promptly. Please feel free to contact us if you have concerns. We take walk-ins if you or your child needs to be seen that same day. Instructions will be given to come to our clinic as a walk-In. After hours and weekend phone calls made to the office when our office is closed are received by the answering service and transferred promptly to the pediatrician on-call. For those voicemail messages, it is important to speak clearly, especially when leaving your phone numbers. Our voice mail system always dispatches an urgent page to the physician, so please do not leave a message after hours that does not specifically need physician help. Issues involving refills, non-urgent referrals, appointment times, administrative issues or healthy patients are best handled during our regular weekday hours.